The patented solution for effective removal of fats, oils, grease (FOG) and organic matter in a lift station

The solution for effective removal of fats, oils, grease (FOG) and organic matter in a lift station

Urban areas are increasingly faced with the formation of fat layers in sewage stations. This fat layer, which mainly consists of fats, oils, greases and wipes, also called FOG, is costly and unsustainable to clean. The ROLAPAC solution prevents the formation of a fat layers and which reduces the cleaning necessity of the sewage station. Reducing the cleaning necessity, results in costs savings, improved sewer productivity and C0² emissions reduction.

The conventional way of removing the fat layer in the sewer is via diesel-driven trucks that suck the fat layer out of the sewage system. This waste is then transported to the incinerator. This a is C0² intensive process. When maintenance is scheduled during a period of rainy weather, the lift station needs to manage the excess water, resulting in the maintenance stop to be rescheduled. This makes the planning of maintenance often a time-consuming task. In addition, sewage pumping stations are often located in residential areas where maintenance can lead to inconvenience for local residents.

Rolapac is a proven innovation that reduces the need for sewage cleaning by 90%. With increasing pressures on our infrastructure due to urbanization, a well-functioning sewage system is crucial. With the ROLAPAC, wastewater is no longer only extracted via the low-lying suction nozzles, but also via an additional opening at the top of the lift station. This allows waste water along with FOG to be removed. The proven technology reduces the accumulation of 'the fat layer' which reduces the cleaning necessity by 90%.

There are more advantages to the Rolapac application. If a biogas plant is present at the water treatment plant, the yield of biogas will increase as more wastewater with FOG will be transported to the biogas plant  with the Rolapac. Another major benefit experienced in our pilot is that the pump productivity is higher with the Rolapac. All in all, these benefits, guarantee that the ROLAPAC innovation is a short payback investment. The Rolapac can be installed in only one working day and is fully integrated in the operating system of a pumping station.

In summary the Rolapac reduces cleaning necessity of the sewage system by 90% which saves costs, optimizes biogas yields AND reduces co2 emissions.

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